Amidst the swirling sands of the Gobi, a resilient force thrives, fueled by the unyielding courage and strong will of young people.



On July 20, 2023, the inaugural Xuanzang Road Ultra Gobi Youth Challenge concluded triumphantly at the Gobi Spring Camp. Embodied by the spirit of “Brave Hearts,” this event gathered youths from across the country. Their five days and four nights on the Mohe Salt Flats, traversing 72/68 kilometers, were not just a physical challenge but also a profound journey for both body and soul. Each step on this ancient and mysterious land marked a chapter of youth, with every drop of sweat telling a story of growth.


On December 16, 2023, alongside the grand opening of the Tsinglan School Innovative Education Forum, the YOUNG Gobi Challenge Organizing Committee held a grand award ceremony for the participating schools. As one of the co-initiators, SUIS Pudong Campus shone brightly in this celebration of youth. Our teachers and students actively engaged in this event, exemplifying the “SUIS PD Qualities” through their actions. Especially noteworthy were our students, who displayed courage and wisdom amidst the Gobi’s challenges, becoming ambassadors of our school’s honor.

On behalf of the SUIS PD Lions team, Acting Principal Jenny Chen attended the award ceremony


For the SUIS PD students, this challenge was more than a test of physical strength; it was an odyssey for the soul. Here, they learned to persevere through adversity and collaborate with others, invaluable lessons for their life’s journey. This experience has planted a seed in their hearts, inspiring them to bravely face challenges and explore the unknown.


With the successful conclusion of the 2023 YOUNG Gobi Challenge, our school’s role extended beyond just being a co-initiator. We are witnesses and guides of this youthful journey, proud to participate and drive such an educationally significant event.


Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate more opportunities for our students to grow in their brave endeavors, continuously running for friendship, challenges, and dreams, and shining brightly in their pursuits.