1. Bus routes are planned before the beginning of a new school semester, based on the number of applications we have received at that point in time. Transportation will be provided to students living within a reasonable distance of the school. We might not be able to serve some locations due to distance/direction and traffic condition, the transportation coordinator will try to arrange a pick-up and drop-off point where the parent can meet the bus.
  2. Each route/pick-up point is designated to optimize the travelling time and also our number of bus passengers. Therefore, it might not be possible to comply with all individual needs. It is our desire to keep travel time for students as low as possible. Due to the fluctuation in the student population, the routes are liable to change, and the time students spend on the bus may vary during the course of a year.
  3. Buses will not enter into some residential compounds if the estate does not permit the bus to enter or the time taken up (due to buses difficulty in maneuvering in narrow lanes or exit/entrance is on the unfavorable direction) affects the smooth flow of the routes. In this case, students are required to board the disembark the bus at the main entrance of their compound.
  4. School bus will generally run their routes in the reverse order.
  5. School Bus Fees:
Apply before May 2018 Apply after May 2018
Distance(km) Monthly Fee (RMB)
< 3.0 830 1000
3.1——5.0 960 1200
5.1——8.0 1100 1400
8.1——10.0 1200 1600
10.1——11.0 1300 1750
11.1——12.0 1400 1900

Please send an email to schoolbus.pd@suis.com.cn or call 58869990*205 if you have any problem.