Dear Student Council member,

This letter is for you to know the academic and volunteer service standards which you must uphold as a member of the Student Council for the rest of your time as a member. We expect our student council members to be both leaders and role models at SUIS Pudong. Therefore, we expect them to keep up their academic and behavior standards while a member of the Student Council.

Academic Standards

All members of the Student Council are expected to work hard academically and keep a high level of work throughout the year. Student Council members will be expected to show his/her report card every semester to the Teacher Representative of Student Council. If a council member is seen to not be working at a high academic level, he/she may be removed from the Student Council.


Meetings every two weeks require strict attendance. Any council member missing more than two general meetings will be removed from the Student Council unless the reason for missing the meeting has been shared with the Teacher Representative and/or the Head Prefect.


Each Student Council representative will be expected to perform at most two (2) duties per week. Duties may include events taking place in school or break time and lunch duties. Council members should arrive on time to their duties and perform them as a role model to those around them.

Behaviour Standards

Any representative that receives more than two yellow cards for inappropriate behavior will be removed from the Student Council and replaced by another student. Homeroom teachers have the right to remove a Student Council member for inappropriate behaviour.




Sarah Zhang & Cindy Bai

Teacher Representative for the Student Council House

Head Prefect

Leads all Student Council meetings

Oversees all Prefects and House Captains

Attends all meetings with Principal


Head Boy/Girl

Track and oversees all meetings

Oversee and enforce due dates

Assume Head Prefect job if Head Prefect is unable

Leads Friday Assembly

Monitor Uniforms



Represents his/her class in all meetings

Takes ideas from his/her class and shares in the meetings


House Captain

Leads Flag Raising ceremonies

Leads House assemblies with the teacher

Create and implement exciting activities for the school

Receives trophies during ceremonies


*All responsibilities can change throughout the year