The SUIS Pudong Student Council is an organization that is designed to give students an opportunity to accept responsibility and learn leadership in real-life situations. Our school is made better by the hard work of our amazing prefects who take their time to help other students, work on big projects, such as canteen/field management, and to be a role model to all students in our school. We are very grateful for all their hard work and for all that they have done to make SUIS Pudong the best school in the whole world!

Leading the change!

Student Leaders have made a valuable contribution to the wider school community this year, taking on important leadership roles, assisting and supporting both staff and students, and acting as excellent role models for their peers and younger students. Each group worked on their own projects, meeting independently to move the ideas to reality.

Read on to hear what the Student Leaders have put into motion this year:

‘Movember’ celebrations and fundraising, student peer mentoring, student shared area, pollution monitoring, Kindness Month, Healthy Eating project, Spring Clean drive for charity, Scholars Cup to name just a few!

Student voice plays a very important role in our school. We help share students’ idea, interests, and concerns with the teachers. We’ve helped the student body raise funds for school wide projects. We’ve also assisted the community when they were in need of aid. Being part of the Student Voice helped us become responsible and active members of the school.

Wendy HUANG (A2 Student Leader)

2017-2018 Head Boy and Head Girl

A-Level 2

Owen Hu

“I have been an active member of the school for over four years; being involved in countless school-wide events and activities. This has built me a solid reputation amongst my peers and earned me respect from staff.

I have an extensive amount of experience as a leader. Having been a house captain, sports team captain, and leader of various projects, I feel comfortable and confident leading and representing a group.”

A-Level 2

Holly Watson

“As an A2 student I believe I am in a position to be a role model and demonstrate  leadership to the younger students. Being an A level student also means that I can organize my own time, which leaves me lots of ‘free time’ to be able to organise activities and focus on helping the other stduents. Some of my accomplishments from last year include: Movember charity, the charity haul, Running a CCA club, raising money for Student Mentoring Group and the chocolate bean challenge amongst a few! I hope to have more successful projects this year. I also want to use this experience to improve my public speaking I want to push myself with public speaking so it can be one less thing to worry about and being head girl would be a great way to overcome this.”