Telephone Inquiry

Welcome to contact Vicky Song at +8621 5886 6080 and Tippi Gu at +8621 5886 9990 ext. 206 on weekdays from 8:00AM to 4:00PM.


Email Inquiry

You can also email us at with your requested questions on weekdays from 8:00AM to 4:00PM. We are able to reply you within one week.

We do suggest you make a phone call or email us about any Admissions issue for your child that who needs enter a school in current year because some information could be updated by each academic year. To ensure you can get the first hand information (recruitment plan and schedule, tuition fee) of our school please contact us at proper time. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. This is not regarded as a way of application or reservation.



To apply to Shanghai United International School PuDong Campus, please click Application online at left side. You will get information in that application form like the requested enrollment time we open for potential student. Application time is different for which school year a student requires to enroll.


Entrance Assessment and Interview

Admissions to SUIS of every applicant have to be determined by a placement test and interview result for whom applying Grade 1 to IGCSE. However the form of assessment varies in age and grade of applicant most includes oral and written section. Generally Grade 1 and Grade 6 interview schedule is informed to each related parent in February and March. Interview of other grades is able to be organized during September to Noevmber, March to May, not only before winter and summer holiday (see more in the application guidelines).


Step 1 Admissions staff confirms with parents via email in one week that application form is successfully submitted.

Step 2 Admissions staff informs parents about the assessment and interview date, time and venue of applicant 3-5 days beforehand. Parent must reply 1) YES, will come or 2) NO, we cancel the application, which way helps follow up rightly.

Step 3 Before interview parents are told to provide with applicant’s previous academic report, ID documents and other related paperwork.

Step 4 Interview schedule cannot be adjusted for any excuse.

Step 5 Admissions staff arranges the assessment and interview once student’s paperwork is qualified.

Step 6 Evaluations, feedbacks and result by Head and Principal of school.

Step 7 Parents and applicant will receive an official letter through email in 5-10 working days regarding to ACCPECTANCE, REJECTION or WAITING LIST.

Acceptance – Parents have to pay the Full Amount in required time.

Rejection – Application finished, applicant may reapply after 12 months has passed.

Waiting List – Might have another assessment opportunity supposed finally there are available place in that grade.

Step 8 Parents to complete enrollment and ID registration.