Welcome to SUIS Pudong Parent Support Group(“PSG”). PSG is a parent member group that aims to form a continuous dialogue with the School to reflect the parents’ aspirations and concerns and to resolve outstanding concerns. Equally as important, PSG is an opportunity to help you understand the School, be a part of your child’s school life and get to know other parents. Having a PSG is a characteristic of a successful school. It is powerful way to involve parents, encourage them to contribute to the way their School is run.

Specifically, PSG’s Mission is to work in close partnership with the Principals, teachers and students of the School to better the welfare of the School community by advising, informing and supporting the School in all areas of operation and to organize community building activities that include families, SUIS teachers and SUIS staff.

It does this by

  • Representing the views of Parents to the SUIS School management;
  • Providing a forum for discussion of issues of concern to Parents with the SUIS School management and for the general welfare of the School community;
  • Creating opportunities for Parents to become better acquainted with each other and with SUIS;
  • Organizing occasional social, educational, community and fund- raising activities;
  • Recruiting parent volunteers to assist the School where appropriate to fulfil PSG Goals.

We look forward to seeing more and more parents actively involved through your PSG.