SUIS Pudong’s Primary School opened its gates in 2008. Since that time we have developed into an academically focused and socially conscious school with our students’ wellbeing and developmental and academic success at the core of our endeavors. With a clear emphasis on providing our students with holistic and experiential learning opportunities, our teachers lead the way in creating engaging and safe learning environments for our students to develop into successful, bilingual global citizens with a deep cross cultural understanding of the world within which they live.



Shanghai United International School is committed to providing high-quality multi-cultural and holistic international education by integrating the best elements of both East and West.  At SUIS we provide students with multiple choices of curricula and developmental pathways, and prepare our students to become future global citizens of tomorrow’s world.


Educational objectives

We educate our students to develop an international mind-set and a sense of responsibility towards society. We nurture them to become thinkers, inquirers and risk-takers, knowledgeable, principled and caring persons. Bilingual in English and Chinese, strong in communication skills and problem-solving, SUIS students build solid foundations for life-long learning.


The Three Curricular Pillars of SUIS Pudong

National Curriculum of England

SUIS Pudong follows an adapted version of the National Curriculum of England to meet the diverse needs of our students. Students who attend our school utilize the same textbooks, reading programs and curricula of students in England. Our teachers prepare your children to achieve and in the overwhelming majority of cases, surpass the educational targets that are expected of students in England.


Chinese Curriculum

Our Curriculum is also supported by a comprehensive Chinese curriculum which provides students with the opportunity to effectively develop fluency in two languages. This curriculum is leveled to meet the individual needs of your child, providing them with the opportunity to progress at a speed that best builds on their current Chinese language ability.


Global Theme Curriculum

The Global Theme curriculum acts as a vehicle by which students can explore topics that are relevant to them as global citizens. Its goal is to provide an opportunity for exploration of these topics through the use of a transdisciplinary approach. Students will learn and apply a diverse set of skills that come from a variety of subject fields such as History, Geography, Math, English, Chinese and Science. This exploration fosters critical and solution based thinking among our students while nurturing an appreciation for our diverse global community.