Tracy Zhang (G8) Tim Qi (IG1) Susannah Hsieh (A1)
Eric Tang (IG1) Kitty Xue (IG2) Henry Zhang (A1)
Carrie Chen (IG2) Sophie Jing (IG1) Linda Zheng (IG2)
Eric Wang (IG1) Elaine Zheng (IG1) Hannah Moon (IG2)
Yatharth Singh (IG1) Mike Yan (IG1) Joy Zhuang (A1)
Selina Wang (IG1) Tim Guo (IG2) Kevin Xu (IG1)
+ 22 A Level students

+ 5 A2 students

Our Student Voice is thriving

We believe that students should be given a wide range of opportunities to develop and practise leadership skills in preparation for life beyond school. We are working hard to provide opportunities for our students to develop their leadership skills as the more leadership is encouraged, the more it flourishes.

There are so many projects happening around school- the corridors feel a buzz with activities in every space! Our community benefits from the wealth of ideas, skills and sense of fun and enthusiasm that students bring to a project.

We want to empower our students so from the initial idea to it coming to fruition the students are responsible for everything. This has been a real learning curve for the teams as before any success there is always a few hiccups…All of this is excellent preparation for life beyond school.



Student Led Musical

Two students are writing and directing their own musical

Student Mentor Group

Student experts in each subject offer their time (after school!) to tutor their peers.


Two students organized a Halloween event to raise much needed funds for a local orphage. A team will be visiting the orphage to play with the students and to offer academic support.