Here at SUIS Pudong, all students are placed into one of four houses –Red, Yellow, Green or Blue. Without the aid of a magical sorting hat, this is done by the House Coordinator when new students arrive at the school. Each House includes House Captains for both Primary and Secondary Schools – those appointed being selected after an application and interview process.

Students will participate in many different activities in a bid to win as many points for their house as possible – all with the aim to win the monthly and annual House Cup. Activities include Football, Spellings, Sports Day, Art, Speech Contests and Maths Challenges amongst other. These are all on top of the school wide Green Card system which awards House Points for outstanding behavior and academic achievement.

The House System at the school helps the students participate in a competitive but friendly environment, build new and lasting friendships, understand the importance of teamwork and helps the students with their personal and social development.