Together, we will consistently develop under the mission of Where East meets West to make an educational road having International Standard, Chinese Expression and Xiehe Characteristics. Our school will provide all students with a wonderful learning experience based on excellence and enjoyment as well as preparing them with the necessary life skills to face the global society.


The school provides state of the art facilities to support its curriculum. In addition to the teaching and creative art areas, there are sports indoor and outdoor areas, a large auditorium, art room, science laboratories, information technology suites, learning resource and learning support centres. Other resources include an observatory and weather station. The cafeteria provides high quality food services and school buses are available. We are pleased to share these high-quality resources with every student.


The school educates more than a thousand students from Grade 1 up to Secondary school, and has about 200 teachers and administrative staff. Totally there more than 700 students graduated from our school in the past years. Our school accepts students from all cultural backgrounds, having excellent academic ability and being able to meet our teaching & learning requirements. The school satisfies the schooling demands for children of top talented people within Pudong district. Also, school enhances the economic and social development for the local community.


Our school provides students with high-quality, diverse and holistic education. We emphasize the Chinese national curriculum coupled with the East meets West philosophy. This is a place where East meets West with integration of Chinese and Western culture. Our teachers are being active to encourage students think and interact, and invite parents participate in school events and activities, and most importantly to enhance the curriculum development and teaching & learning quality. Our school combines the best of both eastern and western educational traditions. We cultivate a multi-cultural school environment and provide diversified development paths for our students.


Our aim is to prepare our students become the Chinese and global citizen for life in a 21st century global society. In accordance with our East meets West mission, we focus on basic curriculum as well as students proficient language skills in both English and Chinese, social studies, pride in their own culture, strong analytical and problem-solving skills. We enable our students to understand the importance of team working, have creative spirit and global awareness. We expect our students like to share with other people and take responsibility to the community they live in future to ultimately become global citizens.


Shanghai United International School (SUIS), PuDong Campus was established in September 2008 to provide high-quality education for different families and students. The campus is situated next to the former World Expo 2010 site.


Our school is a part of the Xiehe Education Group that currently has over 40 schools and kindergartens in Shanghai and other cities of China. Xiehe Education Group is one of the largest private non-profit educational organizations, which provides huge education and management resources to the development of SUIS campuses.