Xiehe Educational Group is the leader of International Education. It has over 20 years’ school-running experiences. Combined education research and school-running practice to realize the true concept of East meets West in teaching is regarded as its distinguishing feature. Xiehe Educational Group has gained a good reputation from the leaders of all levels, specialists and the social parties concerned with its advanced education thoughts, scientific management and educational facilities in all the campuses. It has achieved great social benefits and rich school-running experiences within the 23 years.

Xiehe Educational Group is broad in scale with a complete PreK-G12 education system, including 44 kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. Over 4000 of the currently 20000 enrolled students are oversea students. About 480 expatriate teachers of the 3000 staff. At present, SUIS schools attached to Xiehe Educational Group have gained well-known oversea qualification like IB PYP, IBDP, British A-Level Curriculum, American AP and Canadian BC Programs. Different oversea curricula provide diverse choices to the students, creating a convenience pathway in its international education and enabling almost all the previous graduates to study at top universities in the world with excellent performance.