On the 9th of December, 2023, our two SUIS Pudong’s Parent Support Groups(PSG) collaborated for the first time with both the International Stream (IS) and the Local Stream (LS) to organise the annual Winter Bazaar. It was the first time in three years to hold this event with all of our parents and families on campus. This grand celebration marked a significant milestone in the school’s history, showcasing the unity and cooperation of the school community, as well as the creativity and responsibility of the students.


The Bazaar featured a plethora of international food stalls, attracting a large crowd with delicacies from around the world. Dozens of commercial exhibitors joined hands to present a multicultural culinary paradise. Not to be outdone, students actively participated in running their stalls, meticulously planning and managing their operations. Admirably, all students who purchased passports from Winter Bazaar are willing to donate the profits to charity the school, reflecting their strong sense of social responsibility and commitment to giving back.


Additionally, PSG, supported by numerous parent volunteers, added a variety of colourful games to the event. These interactive games enriched the event not only in content but also in strengthening the bond between teachers, students, and parents. The entire Bazaar was filled with laughter and joy, immersing everyone in a rich Christmas atmosphere.


The event was an unprecedented success, drawing a huge turnout and becoming a major event for the school community. The substantial support provided by the school for the event, as well as the dedicated efforts of all the students, parent volunteers and school teachers and staff involved in the preparations, deserve special thanks. Their hard work created not only unforgettable memories for the school but also brought a warm Christmas spirit to the community.


More than just a festive celebration, the Winter Bazaar was a symbol of the unity and collaborative effort of the school community. Through such events, the school demonstrates its educational philosophy in practice – fostering comprehensive development and social responsibility in its students. On this special day, every member of the SUIS Pudong community collectively created a warm, joyful, and meaningful moment.


Student Voice
During winter Bazaar, me and my group(Chloe K and Sophie) sold Christmas decorations we made during Mr. Crozier’s knitting club, hand-made coasters and bookmarks, and some toys that we thought younger kids would love. I donated our profit of a total of 1100RMB to Unicef to support the children who are living in fear and terror amid the Israel-Palestine Crisis. Seeing how we could make an impact through the winter Bazaar gave us the motivation to use our skills to help more people who may not be as fortunate as we are.