In Shanghai during April, the Spring breeze is warm and everything is bright. With the hopeful and joyful expectations of the teachers and students, the first whole school concert at SUIS Pudong was successfully held. This was also the first performance of the whole school Wind Ensemble in front of a live audience, since being formed two years ago.



The Wind Ensemble of the Shanghai United School Pudong Campus was established in October 2020. In the past two years, we have experienced a wave of change during the pandemic. For a while, we still did not know if it the rehearsal would be cancelled or postponed. Various external uncertainties have had a significant impact on the development of the Wind Ensemble. The teachers and students possess a passion for music and within a very limited rehearsal time, they had practiced as part of the Wind Ensemble from the essential skills of keeping in time to more advanced group ensemble skills such as harmonising. Thus gradually over time, the students understood the difference between what makes a solo and what makes an ensemble performance. Under the guidance of the music teachers, they strive to explore the beauty of symphonic music. The Wind Ensemble presented five pieces of music in different styles which all received a warm applause from the audience.



After the SUIS Pudong Wind Ensemble performances, all of the music departments of the school presented and performed a wide variety of pieces of music in many musical styles and genres.



These musical performances varied greatly and consisted of instrumental ensembles, vocal singing, instrumental solos and so forth. We believe that in this fast-paced and impatient era, such a wonderful concert may make everyone more impressed with the beauty of music. It is an Art-form that takes time to practise. The rehearsal process itself, as well as the perfect performances on stage are especially precious and can have a positive impact and their musical life long learning and lives.