“Wonderful Music & Stories In Our Memories”

LSP Spring Concert took you to the classics!


We always look forward to the Musical Drama String course as they always bring us exciting performances annually. The fourth graders brought the English version of the musical “Minions Adventures” which is based on the movie Despicable Me. The students’ childlike and funny, flexible performances, and fluent English lines, won thunderous applauses and praises from the audience. The epilogue Magical Surprise, which was performed by the third-graders, who incarnated as characters from Disney, their songs and dances brought the performance to a climax. What’s more worth mentioning is that the main theme background music in the musical is from the third and fourth-grade string classes – whether they have only learned string performance for a semester or have studied for several years, every young musician on the stage was reliable and exceptional.




The afternoon concert was kicked off by the Lucky Choir’s song “Amazing Swing”. The 35 little singers sang with joy and confidence. Afterward, the beautiful and harmonious melody of “Viva la Vida” played by the Rhythm String Orchestra flowed at the fingertips of the young musicians.

The content of the class is perfectly adapted to the activities, which is vividly reflected in the concerts of the first, second and fifth graders. We watched the small percussion instruments in the first grade, the harmonica in the second grade, the ukulele in the fifth grade, and other instruments that the students are good at. The rich form of the ensemble, along with their clear and angelic voices and lively dancing postures, while they presented the songs in their childlike and innocent way.

There is not a winter that cannot be overcome, and no spring that will be vague. As sung in the epilogue “Wish”, “The mountains and rivers are unharmed, the fireworks are ordinary, may the world be prosperous every day”, although, in the process of preparing for this concert, we experienced uncontrollable situations such as online classes, H1N1 quarantine, cross-campus rehearsals, performances and many other difficulties. However, optimistic and confident students, united teachers, and supportive parents worked hand in hand to make every “impossible” become “possible”!



The spirit of SUIS is dazzling on this spring day, 

and the wisdom belongs to “us”!