The May of 2022 was unusual. The sudden outbreak of the epidemic prevented students from seeing each other for more than two months. However, this did not stop their dedication and love of music. On May 27th, a special “online concert” was held.


Poster/Performance List designed by王亦非Yifei G9A


Host:赵瑾妍 Chelsea Zhao G7B


The concert was divided into three parts: ensemble, solo, and family performance. We would like to thank our families for their participation. The cooperation between parents and children was so touching to see. As usual at school concerts, we may not be able to see these programs due to them being held on campus.

Students’ words about the concert:


叶映彤Eva G9A

This music concert was definitely the most “special” event of the year. All the performances we had, whether being a solo or an ensemble, could only be recorded alone at home. However, watching the whole concert made me realise that even though the pandemic stopped us from seeing each other in real life, it certainly did not stop our passion for music. From the solo performances, I felt the influencing power of music; from the ensemble performances, I saw the strengths we have when we had to overcome difficulties and perform together; from the family performances, I felt the warmth and support family members could give children during this unusual time we are going through. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to participate in and enjoy this music concert even during the pandemic. This online event created a special memory that I can cherish forever.


张旎Jenny G8A

Special times, special performance! I think what surprised me most was the singing of children and parents. Their voices were textured and skilful, and there has never been such a performance in the school before. Of course, the musical instrument performances were also very outstanding. The most impressive was Eva’s piano performance. Rhythmic percussion and jazz-style music are simply a perfect match!


张旖Emily G8A

I was very moved by the whole concert. There are not many such opportunities in these special times of COVID. Among them, the programs performed by the children and their parents impressed me the most. The tenderness and the voice full of stories were very touching. In the ensemble performance, although the classmates were not together, they still cooperated very well and were very brilliant. The passionate Latin dance and the rhythmic K-pop dance were all eye-catching. The elegant classical instrument solo made the atmosphere of the afternoon very relaxing. The concert brought some calm to the students and parents during these special times.


金智延Olivia G8A

During this special period, the school presented the students with an unprecedented concert with instrumental performances, dances and family ensembles. Even at home, the performers were in full shape. What impressed me the most was the piano Impromptus played by Lucy in grade 7, in which the colourful music melody was like the embodiment of beauty, and every jump of note awakened my heart! At the same time, the ensemble between the students was also admirable for the hard work involved. This musical feast not only showcased the versatility of the students, but also added a bit of lively colour to May, preparing everyone for the upcoming June.


瞿子轩Oscar G6B

I think that the process of making my video was very fun, even though I had to try like five times until it was finally completed. In the process, some mistakes were made, but I enjoyed the process of fixing the problems and then finally making the video. Also, since COVID-19 and the lockdown, it has been hard to be with friends and teachers, and we can’t play music to everyone in the school, but the concert was an exception. It brought the happiness of music to us all, and the small music pieces made us very happy during these harsh periods.


Chelsea Zhao G7B

The music concert was encouraging and beautiful. The ensembles displayed our students’ collaboration, creativity and persistence, as they helped and worked with each other to make rich and alluring music. The solos were a great demonstration of each student’s talent as an individual musician, because for solo performances to shine, they have to be mesmerizing. Never before heart-warming family performances demonstrated the parent’s talents and a family spirit, with parents interacting and working closely with their children. This year’s concert was truly exceptional, it reflected how we can still enjoy pieces of our life that we enjoyed before the lockdown.