In the past two months, our ISP students have been working very hard not only on the campus but also off-campus. There are many great achievements and fantastic news that they want to share with us. Let’s take a look!

Soap for Water Project

Alice Hu, from G2 Lion, really cares about the environment and she participates in a very meaningful charity project to help children who have limited access to clean drinking water.

By: G2 Lion – Alice Hu

My “Soap for Water” campaign is led by me and my friend Bella Pek. Our mission is to purchase Jerrycans by selling all-natural soaps. Jerrycans are also called ‘lifesavers’. Once you’ve filled it with polluted water, you pump it with the pump handle. The polluted water will flow through the 15 Nanometer ultra-filtration inside the Jerrycan. Then, out comes the clean drinking water! The tiniest germ or bacteria is 18 NM, so they are too big to pass the ultra-filter inside the Jerrycan.

Our handmade natural soaps are made out of nature soap base: almond oil, organic lemon oil, and wild flower honey. Each soap is 50 RMB, which provides 1 child 1 year of clean drinking water.

We are doing this because we want to help the Children who have limited access to clean drinking water. The money we raised from the campaign will be donated to Tang mama Charity, which is an authorized charity organization to bring Jerrycan to water shortage areas. The mission PPT is attached.

We call for our lovely SUIS community to join Soap for Water project. A certificate and a badge that is authorized by Kerry Parkside & Tang Charity will be awarded to whoever is willing to contribute their efforts.


World Scholars Cup semi-finalist team from SUIS

Meanwhile, some of our G5 students from a Debate team have some exciting news for us.

By: G5 Lion – Oscar Qu and Tim Zhang

Driven by curiosity, Grade 5’s Tim, Yolanda, Tracy, Oscar, Zoe and Aiden decided to venture into the debating competition of the World Scholars’ Cup. We began by holding a positive attitude to just give it our ‘best shot.’ But now we can hardly believe we are through to the semi-global stage which is held in Shanghai, or as our host calls it Up Sea.

The eventual finals will be held in the US but we are just happy to be on the ‘right’ side of the WSC semi-finals along with several medals. I feel like we are country heroes bringing back Olympic gold, especially when we did not expect to do so well.

In total, there are three debates to go to and the topics are quite random. It is well-organized and the judges are professional and fair.

SUIS teachers are also helping us to prepare for the semi-global round by entering us in a senior school debate event. This gives us the chance to practise battling it out with more experienced debate students.


National Youth Ice Hockey Elite Invitational Tournament

In sports, Wesley from Grade 3 Dragon has some inspiring news about his Ice Hockey achievements.

By: G3 Dragon- Wesley Tong

The Covid-19 disrupted the pace of our game and we missed our golden U8 stage. Finally, during the May Day holiday, the Tianjin Elite Cup started as scheduled. Our Dream Team additionally rose from the U8 group to the U10 group (born in 2011 and 2012).

We took the attitude of learning from our brothers, playing every game seriously. We qualified first in our group, and went all out to win the crossover and move into the finals. Finally, we won the championship with joy!

Ice hockey has given me the wings of dreams and taught me a lot. It has made me grow up confidently, courageously face challenges, believe in my team, and believe that there will be miracles after doing my best.


Tennis competition
Lastly, we have Ken Kwong from Grade 5 Tiger, giving us his update of his recent success in Tennis.

By: G5 Tiger – Ken Kwong

My name is Ken, and I am 11 years old. I like to play tennis and soccer. Recently, I won the first place in the tennis competition. I felt very nervous when I played in the final game. My opponent is very strong but I managed to go through it and win the game. I felt so proud when I got the trophy. I think I’ve done a great job!