The gentle breezes on our cheeks, sunlight that warms our hearts, and the birds’ chimes that intoxicates our ears…Spring is officially here.

Each year in Spring, LSP holds a series of events celebrating this vibrant season. This year will mark the fifth-year milestone of this unique tradition.

This year, the events stretch from March 15th to April 12th, lasting for nearly an entire month. The activities will continue to revolve around a range of subjects from science to music, taking various forms and each packing a punch of its own.

On the morning of March 15th , amid the harmonious chorus brought by students and teachers, our spring celebration have officially lifted its curtains. Students brought home their gifted plants, taking the responsibility of their well being. This surely will be yet another heart-warming journey in which our students explore our place within mother nature. Let us all look forward to the showcase event by our students next month!