This week, our science teachers have brought a new set of eye-opening tricks to the table. First of all, they grabbed the attention of our KS1 students’ by working with the “little magic bag”, demonstrating the subtle differences between magic and science.

A series of incredible phenomenon stimulated the curiosity of our students:

How did a piece of paper that was on fire suddenly vanish? Why did the ping-pong ball and watermelon stay afloat in midair? Why does dry ice turn into gas? Why was the scientist seemingly unaffected despite the fact that his palm was in fact “on fire”? Are they immune to the intense heat of flames and the extreme coldness of liquid nitrogen?

Through these mind-boggling experiments, our students were impressed by how simple science has the power to realize the impossible.



For KS2, the activities revolved around the central theme of “Green and Environmental Protection”. In this science show, our students discovered the different causes of air pollution, as well as the hidden factors behind the green house effect.

Students were invited to perform experiments on-stage to determine the effects that light rays had on different materials. Our teachers also combined dry ice and air cannons to create enormous “smoke rings” in order to illustrate the potential effects different materials may have on our environment.

Science is everywhere in our lives, even in places we may not have noticed before. Understanding the scientific principles behind many different phenomenons will sharpen our critical thinking, enabling us to create a better future for not just ourselves, but for the entire world!