Ninety-four students in our primary music ensembles performed in the Summer Ensembles’ Concert on 30th May in the highlight of the semester for the music department.  The theme of our concert this year was again, ‘working together’. The word “ensemble” means the united performance of a group of singers and musicians.  All of the students involved worked very hard again for these performances by giving up their snack break, lunch recess and free time for the rehearsals.  They learned some very challenging pieces, including one by Freddie Mercury of Queen and songs from famous Broadway musicals.  Although it was challenging, the students thoroughly enjoyed learning and performing.


Alisa (Grade 4L) on the Guzheng                   Emma & Ino (Grade 3D) 

Louis (Grade 4D)

Lower Primary Choir (Grade 1 & 2)                                  Upper Primary Choir (Grades 3 – 5)


Below we have shared some of the students’ insights on their performances:


“I felt very happy on stage. When I saw Ms. Liza-Marie blow the whistle in the audience, I felt very proud. When I saw my parents waving at me, I felt very happy!”   Amy from Grade 1 Panda


 “I was a little bit nervous on the stage at first but I was very proud of myself!”    Sara from Grade 1 Panda


“Not only did I enjoy performing on stage as a member of the string orchestra, I really enjoyed the incredible performances of dance, choirs and more.  I hope to have another great concert.”   Elsa from Grade 3 Lion


“When I started to sing, a strange confidence came to me.” Emma from Grade 3 Dragon


“I really liked how we all worked together as one. I really enjoy working with all of them and sing beautiful songs.” Elaine form Grade 4 Panda


“I felt really nervous on stage before the performance but I was very excited to see Mr. Mo and Ms. Jessie sitting in the audience. When I was performing, I felt joyful. I think my teachers are really proud of me!”   Emily from Grade 4 Panda



Lower Primary Dance Ensemble                                Chamber String Orchestra (Grade 1 – IG1)


“I was very excited to see my homeroom teachers, Ms. Sandy and Mr. Greg. When I saw them, I shouted like a dinosaur.”  Emily from Grade 2 Dragon


“During our rehearsals, not only I learnt a lot of new songs, but also made many new friends!  I was so proud of ourselves when the audience burst into thunderous applause.”  Ino from Grade 3 Dragon


“Our choir prepared for this concert throughout the semester and I am very proud of us. Thank you our teachers and our lovely choir. Thank you for working and performing with me.”  Gina from Grade 5 Lion


“I felt that it was the moment that will be treasured forever. I really enjoyed the East meets West performances because I felt like that whole globe was linked together in one song.”

Michelle from Grade 4 Lion


“After the thrilling concert on Thursday, I feel more confident in music. I felt everybody did their best.” Matteo from Grade 4 Lion

All performers performing in finale


Thank you all for joining our ensembles’ concert this year.  The children have performed wonderfully and both Ms Wang and I are very proud of our students’ musical achievements.  We hope that you enjoyed our concert and have a great summer holidays.


Ms. Yoon Lee

Music Coordinator