May 20th to 24th was the Cultural Diversity week in SUIS Pudong Campus. Each class, picked a country and decorated the classroom with elements of this country.

Students also had the chance to listen to some presentations from their classmates and their parents about the culture of different countries. Some of them brought their traditional food and activities to share with the class.


On Thursday, students dressed up as their class’ chosen country and they had the opportunity to visit different classes to do traditional activities from the different “countries”, such as: origami, making “Eye of Turkey” bracelet; French Petanque etc.


We also had a dress up parade on Friday on the school field. Students wore traditional clothes of their chosen nationality, waved flags and danced with the music.

It was not only a great opportunity for our students to see and learn about other cultures in the world but also it was a chance for them to share their culture with other students and teachers.