This is the second year since Grade 2 introduced a school wide Earth Day Celebration event affording students an opportunity to inquire into global environment issues. Our Theme Unit on environmental issues fits perfectly with Earth Day and we took this opportunity to explore on environmental issues guided by the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle concepts. The inquiry went beyond grade 2 classrooms into a school wide event. Throughout the week students engaged in activities that focused on each grade level’s learning objectives related to conserving the environment.

Celebration: On Friday 26th April we had an opportunity to celebrate Earth day as a whole school. Students raised 3000 Yuan for charity through activities such as face painting, selling recycled made bracelets, tattoos and wall painting. Students were proud to showcase their most creative recycled designs during a school wide parade.

Collaboration: The resounding success of this inquiry was made possible by collaborating with ART Deparment and its team of art students, middle school volunteer students who helped in creating and selling of bracelets, face painting and wall painting. Homeroom teachers helped students take action in global environment differentiated activities in the classroom throughout the week and on Friday they made sure students explored different stations in an orderly manner ensuring student safety was upheld all the times.


Key highlights of Earth Week


Reducing food wastage in the canteen which was also monitored by our school prefects using a daily tracker. Students learned to be responsible of their eating habits avoiding to waste food.

A survey on the best energy saving class by switching off lights, computers and white board screen during break-times which was monitored and recorded by our school prefects. This was aimed at creating a culture of students being responsible of saving energy around their learning environment.

Reduce and Reuse节约和再利用

Reducing excess books and donating them to migrant school to reuse an initiative that was used to help our grade 5 student Madison to fulfil her girls scout book worm project. Students donated over 2000 books to donate for a migrant school library.


Recycle and Reuse循环和再利用

Recycling materials to design the most creative hat/costume, making students realise they can use their creative skills to make fun reusable and play related objects. Students enjoyed exhibiting their finished

creative designs during the whole school parade held on Friday.

Making Earth Day bracelets, face painting tattoos helped to raise funds for charity which was aimed at making students aware of how they could practice empathy by taking action in helping those in need.