Egg Protection Activity

 6B Dean Shi

The sunny morning of October twenty fourth, our whole grade six went to Fengjing Xinyi Farm to begin our field trip. At the opening ceremony, we were given a mission: we had to protect the eggs.

I was careful so that it won’t break. When I was doing activities, I put the egg under my hat and carefully put it on the ground .When I saw others’ eggs were broken, I checked my egg immediately. I held my egg until the following afternoon. When the teacher told us to practice sitting down for two minutes, I used my hands to hold it. When I ducked down and heard no breaking sounds, I was very proud. I couldn’t believe that I passed this great challenge. When I ducked down again, I heard a breaking sound and felt that my egg broke. I knew it! I was very sad and disappointed because all the things I’ve done before to protect my egg was in vain.

From this activity, I learned two morals: the first is that we shouldn’t be proud; the second is that it is hard work to be a parent.

Making Dragon

6A Judy Ju

One of the things that impressed me the most was the dragon that we made in our small groups.

First, the instructor told us the basic requirements of the production and gave us five minutes to conceive and design. When the instructor started to give a command, we all form in an arrow formation. We had to come up with an idea quickly. After about fifteen minutes, under the joint efforts of our team members, the dragon was born. After about twenty minutes, our dragon was finally ready and formed.

At the end of the dragon dance, our dragon was the longest and strongest. My heart was filled with a sense of pride. I also learned that in teamwork, everyone has to be able to do something. It is not only about being fast and of high quality, but it must also produce sense of accomplishment for everyone.

 Wonderful campfire party

 6B Chloe Xu

Gather, chop firewood, make a fire, the campfire party began…

On the first night on the Xinyi farm, the instructors taught us a special dance and then, we had to   perform it. The lively dance music kicked of the campfire party.Everyone’s dancing added a charming color to the night.

Then as we were having our own conversations, many fantastic improvisation programs received a rapturous applause.

In the end, my friends and I stood behind the campfire and sang a song. Everyone was very joyful.

I won’t forget that on this particular night, on the Xinyi farm, I had an unforgettable campfire party and experience.

Tour of Xinyi farm

6A Li Yuqiao

I got up with my classmates and went to Xinyi farm to start my journey of self-exercise. We participated in many interesting activities, such as protecting eggs, making dragons, dances, military training and sleeping in tents. What impressed me most was the Roman gun rack. At the beginning of the activity, everyone was busy in accordance with the division of labor.

Finally, everything was ready and the party began. At first, everyone threw many water balloon shots and the water cannons broke into the blue team’s camp. We were about to win the crown, but there were many troubles and we did not give in. We were all extremely tired of all the wonderful activities, but no one wanted to quit. This moved me a lot.

In the end, we won second place. Although we didn’t get the first place, I gained more important experience than the ranking.

Our recent field trip

6B Patrick Cheng

Recently, we had a field trip to Xingyi farm village. The last activity of three days, was so much fun and cooking was in full swing. This was not your ordinary cooking challenge. We needed to light a fire by ourselves and cooked on the hearth. Everyone was busy, especially the student who started the fire. He needed to rub two sticks together to start a fire. His sweat dripped from their foreheads, but he was adamant to get the fire started. He was out of breath and was surround students yelling, “Go for it!” Finally, he made a fire and everyone was extremely happy. After that, we cooked delicious food and ended our trip.



Good times at Campsite

6A Kitty Zhang

We thought it would have been extremely difficult, but things didn’t go as we thought. On the farm, we played many interesting activities such as: dragon dance, Roman gun rock, breathing strength and egg protection- none of them were boring or difficult. All of them were interesting. Amongst all of these, I like the picnic the most.

We went to the market and bought some food then we cooked it on the stove. We cooked chicken wings, pork, green pepper, minced, tofu and many other delicious dishes. We cooked food together and overcame our difficulties.  With the power of teamwork, we not only overcame these difficulties, but also made many ‘delicious’ food.

Through this wild and exciting experience, I can do a lot of things that I could not do before. I finally understand the meaning of ‘Together, Stronger!’