Grade six write, “We went on a fieldtrip to the Shanghai Rolex Tennis Masters on October 9th. This is a competition where the best players around the world play. It was a great trip! We arrived at the park around 12 o’clock. It was huge. There were 17 outdoor tennis pitches and two huge stadiums.

We watched the first game in the biggest indoor stadium. The players were Ivo Karlovic from Croatia and Feliciano Lopez from Spain. Both players were very talented and the points were super close. But at last, Feliciano Lopez had a narrow win. It was so exciting to watch to top players from around the world playing so close to us.

The whole park was massive and contained places for food, drinks and souvenirs. Top tip- always bring your own food and drinks because everything inside the park was extremely exensive!

We first went to one of the big courts and ate lunch, some of the teachers bought pizzas ,which made us jealous! After we ate our lunch ,some students bought ice-cream it was frozen solid luckily we had a beautiful day so they could wait until the ice-cream slowly melted in the sunshine!

We watched a lot of rounds ,and walked around a lot to watch different matches. We saw a very long match as they kept tying at match point!

It was pretty sad for the player who lost, as it must have been exhausting to tie at every round, he was pretty cross when he lost- he actually broke his tennis racket! The players were so passionate!

I really enjoyed the day, because I learned about the rules of tennis, and I think watching professional players from all over the world, gather around to compete against each other is a great experience for us students to watch and learn.

Thank you so much to the teachers who took us and who made the day possible, especially Mr. Romano for organizing. It was such a superb day!!!”