International Secondary held an assembly to celebrate the Chinese Luna New Year on Jan 19th.

The assembly started speech (in Chinese!) expressing his best wishes to all students, parents and teachers.

The first show, ‘Little Apple’ by the G7s was full of dancing and created a cheerful and delighted atmosphere.

When western piano and violin met Chinese calligraphy, what a fantastic example of ‘East Meet West’!

The Opusculum, ‘Cheap Airline’, performed by Simon and Sam, was popular with the audience.

The CNY assembly also featured a parent performing. A comic dialogue was given by IG1 Micheal Huang and his father, and what a professional performance they gave us!

‘Dream of Phoenix’, a comedy performed by IG1 students, was not only interesting but also motivational – we are the teenagers with a dream.

We also had dancing, an accordion solo, a band performance, and last but not least a Chinese song performed by Mr. Morris, Mr. Javiar and Mr. Odunlami which brought the house down.

After the assembly, there were traditional and fun workshops. From Science creating fireworks, Peking opera mask making, Chinese PE game, dice game, paper cutting, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese quiz, Chinese characters game, dumpling making, Chinese checkers, Chinese painting, and also Mahjong. Everyone enjoyed themselves!

Chinese style, full of passion.

2017, we are looking forward to being with you. Have a super year!