Last week saw the arrival of Bugsy Malone in town for the annual Secondary school play. This year’s show was bigger, better and messier than ever before with a cast and crew of forty students, along with an all-singing, all-dancing performance. There were gangsters and molls, hoodlums and dancers, cops and crooks galore as the stage became a slice of the roaring twenties. The show was lauded as the best yet, and Miss Hart and Mr. Joyce, the play’s directors, were extremely proud of the team for their magnificent performance.


To make the 1920s American setting even more compelling, Mr. Thomas and the art department created a show-stopping set complete with rotating rooms, splurge guns, talking trees, and Rolls Royces! Not only were the incredibly talented cast dazzling on the night, but the musicians, backstage crew, and technical team all came together to make this the best one yet.

A huge thank you to all the students, teachers and parents who supported the play!