Last weekend, from Friday 20th  – Sunday 22nd October, Dulwich College held for the first time a computer programming competition called “Hackathon” for schools in and around China. Two of our best brains in programming, Owen Hu (A2) and Robin Zhong (IG1) took part in the competition which enhanced their skills further through attendance to numerous workshops provided, and subsequently came on top when given the chance to articulate their own project. Mr. Bongo attended the event on Saturday to witness how our two candidates got along, and Mr. Erwin paid a visit on Sunday to see them in action, and both men agreed that our students were just awesome.

Robin Zhong (IG1) reports, “Owen Hu (A2) and I joined the great event of HakD at Dulwich International School. We got to collaborate with students from every part of the world, form our own developing groups and work with ambition for three days to transfer our concept to real products.

This event, different from traditional competitions, has no formal requirements on the topics to be developed; its only main aim is the broad declaration of “make life easier.” We gained freedom in this way, because nothing was limited.

In our final presentation, our “make life easier” products were varied, including robot engineering, raspberry pi, and frontend / backend programming. Our product, GlassDrive (see below) was a good combination of many of these subjects.

Our team members were all experienced programmers, but not experienced on all the languages. Yet with excellent organization, we brought into play our specified skills and combined them into a successful product.

The product’s formal name was “GlassDrive”, because it’s meant to be a Universal Storage Device that’s small enough to be stuck to a pair of glasses. Although we failed to make this device wearable (due to equipment issues); apart from that, we achieved almost all the concepts. This raspberry pi-based “database” would create its own Wi-Fi network while functioning, and any other device that connected to this network would be able to upload and download files to and from the GlassDrive. Multiple devices are supported on the network. Very impressively, we showed everyone how we successfully transferred a file from a computer to another one through the GlassDrive thus proving to all the audiences the practicability and efficiency of the product. We won! We gained first place.

In conclusion, this is an event I won’t forget in my life. The experience of team work and all the skills gained will benefit all of us forever. Although gaining the first place provided the event with a glorious end, we all know that the treasures we’ve gained have the most importance.

There will be another event like this in the next year; any experienced and confident programmer who is interested should definitely participate in this event.”