“A commonly used expression becomes the idiom”, Chinese idiom is a good way of representing the Chinese wisdom, can also build a great language environment for Chinese.

G6 students of international and local stream have gathered together in the auditorium, and carried out a cross stream Chinese idiom competition. This competition is ran in units of house(our four houses: yellow, red, blue, green),and we have gained strong support of the teachers and parents, the competition was very exciting and interprets our concepts of “east meets west”.

The participators in this competition are 24 G6 students who came through the first round of qualifiers, and separated in their four house colors. The audience and parents are also sat in colors of houses. The competition had three big sections and three types of questions: questions that you must answer, questions that you race to answer and charades. Interactions with the audiences were also an interesting part of our competition, the scores of audience interactions and players on the stage are combined together to make the champing of the competition –Yellow house. The students on the stage did an excellent job, the audience and parents also showed wonderful enthusiasm and participation.

This Chinese idiom competition was a great chance for the students from international stream to bond with students from local stream, the students haven’t just watched an incredible show but also learnt new Chinese idioms and vocabs, and increased their Chinese knowledge and motivated them to use more of the Chinese language. We believe, the SUIS culture and concepts will be get better when all of us are involved and show great enthusiasm!