Dear parents,

Admissions for 2021 September (G1):

First you need to complete the Primary school enrollment information registration at the child’s Kindergarten in Shanghai. If your Kindergarten cannot help you, you need to go to the district admissions office where you live to register for Primary school enrollment information.
After completing the information registration, you will apply online ( from April or May. When the number of applicants exceeds the places offered by a private school, applicants will be picked in random commission. The final acceptance result will then be announced by Education Bureau.Inquriy for next semester admissions please phone or email us.

Admissions for 2021 September (G2-G5&G7-IG1):

Application would open online in May and June.
Admissions for 2021 September will not begin until May and June, please pay attention to our school website and wechat update when in 2021 May and June.