On June 19, 2024, the LSS graduation ceremony for the 2024 cohort was held in the auditorium of the SUIS PD Xueye Campus. This ceremony marked a significant milestone in the students’ lives, symbolising the end of their middle school journey and the beginning of a new academic chapter.

Graduates and their parents first gathered at the signature wall to sign their names and take photos, capturing their excitement. They then entered the auditorium, where a warm-up video showcased the memorable moments of the past four years.


The ceremony was hosted by Chen Tianrui from 9A and Wu Xiran from 9B.


Principal Jin opened the ceremony with a heartfelt speech. He expressed his joy at the students’ growth and achievements, and earnestly hoped that each SUIS PD student would correctly navigate choices and persistence, individuality and principles, prosperity and adversity. He encouraged them to always maintain their curiosity, pursue their interests, keep a positive mindset, and continuously seek and appreciate the beauty of the world.



Ni Bowen’s mother, representing the parents, expressed sincere gratitude to the school and teachers and pride in the children’s growth and confidence in their future.


Lin Da from 9B, speaking on behalf of the students, delivered a poignant speech reflecting on the past and looking to the future. Her remark, “We are all water carriers,” resonated deeply with the audience.


The students showcased their exceptional organisational and performance skills on stage, brimming with youthful energy. Jiang Zihan’s drum performance electrified the room, Wu Xiran’s violin and solo of “Dynamite” were unique, and Cai Xinchun’s solo of “East of Eden” left a lasting impression. Chen Tianrui’s ocarina rendition of “Glory to Me” struck a chord with everyone, Ni Bowen’s saxophone performance of “Castle in the Sky” moved the entire audience, and the final chorus of “As Wishes” by Teacher Ms. Liang Ting, Liu Yaoxin, Cai Xinchun, and Lin Da conveyed heartfelt blessings.

Tears of joy and excitement glistened in the eyes of many. Graduates presented bouquets to their beloved teachers in gratitude for their guidance. Parents, also holding flowers, proudly honoured their children’s hard work, adding a unique touch of emotion to the ceremony.