Melodies and laughter mingling with the scent of flowers, birdsong, and music.

Clear skies, gentle breezes, lush lawns, and our melodies.

Are you ready for a thrilling concert experience?

At the Spring Concert, all of this awaits you!

On May 17th, this semester’s Primary Spring Concert was grandly held at our Kangqiao Campus. This year’s concert, themed “World Music Festival,” promises a delightful experience. Let’s dive into the event with some captivating photos:



Notably, thanks to the strong support from the PSG, we have also included fun and exciting carnival games and charity sale activities as part of this concert.

Each song, each piece of music, each smiling face in the children’s singing, dancing, instrument playing, and games brings out their pure and vibrant life force. Just like the everyday learning life of SUIS Pudong students, it is full of colorful and wonderful experiences through spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

At every concert, we witness the efforts and growth of every SUIS Pudong student on their musical journey. We also cherish the closer “Collaboration” between teachers and parents, both on stage and behind the scenes.