The secondary students kicked off the Art Week with the theme of Spring: exploring the infinite charm of art together.

During Art Week, the talent show was the most anticipated event for students. The talent show featured a variety of performances, including a boxing performance, karate demonstration, dancing, sketches, magic shows, and musical instrument performances. Additionally, several programs were presented in the form of class collective performances, allowing us to feel the cohesion and charm of our classes.

Apart from the talent show on stage, Art Week also featured a series of unique art experience activities. Students were not just spectators, but also participants and creators. Tie-dye design, marbling, plant rubbing, string art, plant specimen painting design… Each activity was a challenge to their imagination and creativity, allowing students to unleash their artistic talents and create exquisite works of art.

Art Week is not just a joyful carnival, but also a profound journey of aesthetic education. Through participating in various art activities, students cultivate their aesthetic taste and artistic skills, exercise their creativity, imagination, and teamwork abilities. Apart from the works showcased during Art Week, artworks from the students’ daily art education classes had already been exhibited in both campuses. Please enjoy their works.