Our 2024 Spring Sports Day has successfully concluded, students from both primary and secondary school divisions participated in their respective sports days at both Xueye and Kangqiao Campus, filling our campus with youthful energy and enthusiasm. Athletes poured their sweat and effort into every event, chasing dreams and basking in the radiant sunshine.

On the field, athletes sprinted like the wind and soared like eagles. Whether striving for personal bests in individual events or showcasing teamwork in group competitions, each moment radiated with vitality and unity.

Sports Day was not just about competition; it was a gathering of heartwarming stories. The seamless cooperation between teammates, the enthusiastic cheers from the crowd, and the silent dedication of volunteers all contributed to a heartwarming atmosphere reminiscent of spring sunshine.

Though the event has come to an end, the passion and energy will carry on in our students’ future studies and lives. They will continue to pursue higher and further goals, moving forward with courage to realize their dreams.