Reflecting upon the wondrous journey of our primary school Month — a month brimming with stories, dreams, and creativity!


HOUSE Reading Time Challenge

Our young readers exhibited astounding enthusiasm for reading, collectively amassing tens of thousands of minutes in reading time, thereby affirming the power of reading.



HOUSE Door Decoration Competition

Every nook radiated with creativity, transforming our learning spaces into realms of fantasy.



Book Swap Activity

Old books found new life, with each exchange marking the beginning of fresh stories.



Bookmark Design

Each bookmark became a miniature work of art, making every page turn a delight of discovery.




Students’ Storytelling

The elder students of secondary school brought warm tales to their younger peers in primary school, creating a time of heartwarming storytelling.



Book Character Dress up Day

A fantastic day of book celebration was held at both XY and KQ campuses!

Students and staff were dressed as a wide variety of book characters representing stories from all over the world!

Music, dancing and parading around the school showcased the students costumes and a hi-five was given by principals and staff as they paraded around the track.

The school day has a different atmosphere when book characters are sitting in lessons! A wonderful feeling and joyful event shared by all!




As the curtain falls on Reading Month, we see more than just the traces of flipping pages; we witness a leap in the students’ intellect and the growth of their spirits. This month-long journey has not only brought the world of books into their reality but also sowed the seeds of endless knowledge exploration in each student’s heart. Every page they turned was not just reading, but a voyage across the sea of books, embarking on new adventures. Looking forward to our next reading extravaganza, we believe these little adventurers, armed with boundless curiosity and zeal, will continue to sail through the ocean of knowledge.