The breeze is gentle and the sun is shining

In the name of sports, we embody vitality.

Facing the breeze, accompanied by the morning light.

Stepping with agile strides.

Welcome to SUIS LSP Spring Sports Day 2023

Opening Ceremony

With light and quick steps, as fast as the wind.

Smiles blooming, radiant like the flowers of spring dawn.

To the inspiring melody of the “Athletes’ March,” marching with firm steps, the drum and bugle corps, athletes’ squad, and flag bearers enter successively under the cheers of the cheerleading team.

The principal delivers the opening speech.

Let’s go and appreciate the athletes in action!

Fast Running

The sound of the starting gun, the race begins, reaching the finish line.

Swift and steady steps against the wind.

Like an arrow released from a bow, charging forward.

Continuously leaping toward higher and farther goals.

Jumping Rope

A small skipping rope.

Symbolizing courage and strength.

Enacting struggle and perseverance.

Long Jump

Approach, take off, and land.

Cheers erupt behind, fueled by encouragement.

Hearts filled with exuberance.


Gathering strength and releasing.

One throw, one landing.

The ball glides through the air.

Perfect arcs drawn across the sky.

Leaving behind brilliant traces.

The Team Competition

The vast playground.

Serves as your stage.

For the honor of your class.

United as one, never giving up.

House Time, our happiest moments.

Sports Day is all about happiness and joy!

Let sports unleash sweat.

Let determination shine brightly.

Youth advancing courageously, embracing strength.

In the prime of life, passion sparkles.

Through the collective efforts of students and teachers, this Sports Day has achieved complete success.

Cheers and determination intertwined.

Heat and passion ignited together!

The school sports day has come to a satisfying conclusion.

But those splendid moments will never fade away!

Life goes on, and sports continue.

We look forward to SUIS students continuously moving forward, and overcoming obstacles!