Youth is ablaze with enthusiasm and energy, and blossoming with wisdom and wishes. The beautiful early summer marks the fourteenth birthday of Grade 8 students, signifying their transition from teenage to youth. To celebrate this momentous occasion and instill in students the values of commitment and contribution, the students, teachers, and parents gathered together on the afternoon of May 5th at Chongming’s Citrus Cutie House Farmland for a series of activities focusing on the theme of “ambitions at fourteen” and “youth in action”.
At 10 am, all the students and teachers arrived at the Citrus Cutie House Farmland. The session on African drumming enabled everyone to get more practice, teamwork, and a sense of the charm of African music. The cohort of class presentations displayed plenty of imagination and creativity.



In the afternoon, during the Frisbee practice with racing and whizzing, everybody tossed the Frisbee up into the air, attempt after attempt, hoping to catch it perfectly. There was no whining or giving up, but rather repeated practice that helped everybody improve.



After dinner came the highlight of the day, the birthday ritual for the fourteenth birthday. All the students, teachers, and parents dressed up for the occasion. The ritual featured a wide variety of wonderful performances by both the students and teachers, including recitation, solo singing, choir singing, solo dancing, group dancing, instrument performance, and stand-up comedy. These performances reflected the brilliance of SUIS students, demonstrating the charm of youth.

Alyssa’s mother delivered an emotional message on behalf of all the parents, articulating in a loving manner the significance of mutual respect, mutual understanding, and empathy between parents and their children.

Teachers always empower students with support, care, and inspiration. At this special moment, Anna Yin sent her best wishes for the fourteenth birthday and encouraged all the students to fulfill their responsibilities and construct a well-informed outlook.

During the exchange of family letters, the whole place was filled with warmth and love as the students and parents received letters from each other, expressing sincere regards, wishes, and thanks.









For lunch, the students as well as their parents were involved in making food to ensure a delectable meal for everybody. Some of them were starting a fire, other students were making preparations and cooking in front of the wok. They all looked like pro Chinese food masters!