Recently, grade 6 and 7 Local Stream Secondary students participated in a formal debate competition, presenting their arguments on various topics. The grade 6 students debated on three topics: nuclear energy, job satisfaction, and digitalization of newspapers and magazines. The grade 7 students discussed ecotourism, protection of natural areas and species, and the preservation of natural wonders. Through these debates, the students showcased their critical thinking, research, and public speaking skills. Debating also allowed them to broaden their perspectives on current issues and develop a deeper understanding of the importance of active participation in society.






Engaging in formal debates is an excellent way for students to practice their English language skills. It helps them to present their arguments, listen to opposing viewpoints, and respond appropriately in a clear and concise manner. Debates also help students improve their research skills, as they must gather and analyze relevant information to support their arguments. Participating in debates can help prepare students for future academic and professional endeavors. Effective communication skills are highly valued in many fields, and debates offer a platform for students to develop their ability to communicate persuasively and articulate their ideas in a concise and logical manner.