Adolescence is a time of challenge and change, and adolescents face many difficulties and stresses, both physically, psychologically and socially. Parent-child communication is very important during this period because parents can help their children understand their feelings and needs, whilst also providing support.

On April 18th, we were honored to invite Ms. Chen Yunchuang, a parent of SUIS to deliver a workshop on “Parent-Child Communication in Adolescence” for grades 4-9 parents in SUIS-Pudong.



The workshop was divided into three parts: the physical and psychological characteristics of adolescents, how parents can start a dialogue with their children and support their child’s development. Parents and the guest speaker Ms. Chen had a good interactive exchange.



Ms. Chen shared that adolescents have experienced great physical and psychological changes during adolescence, including growth and development, mood swings, cognitive improvement, etc. During this period, adolescents need to be understood and supported by their parents, not excessive accusations and criticism. Parents should try to understand their children’s emotions and needs, as well as the challenges and pressures they face, so that they can build a relationship of trust and respect. When communicating, parents can use skills such as listening, expressing their feelings and needs, avoiding criticism and accusations, etc. to ensure that the communication is effective and constructive. It is only through effective communication and support that children can be helped to navigate this challenging and changing time and become healthy, positive, independent and confident adults.



Ms. Cai concluded the workshop by sharing that home-school cooperation and parent psychology seminars are very important for the growth and development of our students. In the future, we will continue to strengthen our work in this area to improve communication and trust between parents and school, so that every child can receive comprehensive support and love.