Spring has arrived and everyone is full of joy. In this season of prosperity and growth, on this campus of colorful flowers and lush greenery, in this picturesque spring breeze, we welcomed the Grade 5 Poetry Recital with the theme of “Spring Awakening” on April 20th, which took the spring-themed activities to another climax.

In the poems, we leap into the pulse of spring and dance to the rhythm of spring in the spring breeze.


The two young talents recited a poem called “The Tune of Huanxisha”, which ignited the audience.



Throughout history, countless poets have been fascinated by spring and have left behind many classic poems. The group comedy “Poetry about Spring” brought us the colors of spring.



We often use the quote “poetry in speech” to describe a person’s extraordinary literary skills, and the children used beautiful poems to make the beautiful spring day shine even brighter!



Spring is the season when everything comes back to life, and as the saying goes, “Spring rain is as expensive as oil”, so the poem “Waiting for Spring Rain” made us fall into the beautiful dream of spring.



Chinese poetry is extraordinarily magnificent, and English poetry is equally beautiful and charming. The children’s English poetry medley was a passionate tribute to the beauty of spring.



All the flowers bloom in the most beautiful spring. I have a date with spring, let’s wander in the ocean of poetry, and let our dreams take flight in spring!