Spring is in full swing, and the sixth “Maths and Sports Carnival” of SUIS Pudong was held in Kangqiao Campus on Mar 15th. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in creating cross-subject competitions that encourage the integration of different areas of knowledge. One such competition that has gained popularity is a PE and Math Cross-Subject Competition. Physical Education (PE) and Mathematics are two subjects that may seem vastly different from one another, but they share a common element that makes them essential to human development: problem-solving. Both disciplines require an individual to think critically and strategically to achieve a specific goal.



The students took the house as a unit and formed four teams across grades to compete: fast calculation and throwing, 24 points after the long rope, and Da Vinci code. After the end of the three matches, the yellow team and the green team had the same points, so each team sent representatives to play the final game of “tick-tack-toe”, and finally the green team won the event.




Overall, integrating PE and math through cross-curricular activities can help students develop a more holistic understanding of the world around them, while also providing them with a range of academic, social, and physical benefits.