The spring breeze brings warmth and the willows are green. Spring has come again; the magnolias are in full bloom on campus. The earth is newly dressed in the blink of an eye. In this way, the scent of spring envelops us and transports us into a beautiful world of flowers and blossoms.

Every year, LSP celebrates the arrival of spring with a series of spring activities themed ‘Green – Children – Future’. This is the series’ sixth season, which combines Chinese, English, Science, Art, Music and other subjects. It runs for a month from the day of its launch.

On the morning of the 10th of March, the activities kicked off with a beautiful song “Spring Dawn” sung by the Lucky Choir of the school. At the same time, student representatives from each year expressed their expectations and enjoyment of the activities.



Afterward, the students and teachers sang the ” Village Scape ” song, and in the light melody and the warm spring breeze, each student adopted one green plant and back to the classroom, they were saying “I will cultivate it when I get home”. This will be another enjoyable trip for the students to explore the harmony between man and nature. Let’s look forward to the children’s work in a month’s time!




It is worth mentioning that the students, under the guidance of their art teachers, have used their brushes, skillful hands and whimsical ideas to depict spring and express their visions.



The spring breeze is warm and the sun is pleasant.

What we have gained along the way is not only beautiful scenery but also richness, happiness and optimism!Let’s follow in the footsteps of spring and touch the beautiful spring with sweet smiles!