We are 10 years old today! Ten is a golden age. We have made great changes. During the ten years, we move from youth to maturity.



On November 11th, the teachers and students in Grade 4 got together and held a meaningful birthday party with the theme of “A childhood spent in the light, establish a bright mind”. All the teachers sent their sincerest wishes to the students and we had a wonderful “Double Eleven”.
With the moving sand painting work as the opening, the students’ growth were showed in front of everybody.
The maternal love is great and the paternal love is long. Next, two parent representatives, one from Class 4A, Rachel’s Mom, and the other from Class 4C, Emily’s Dad, sent all the parents’best wishes and hopes for the future to the students. Then our students’ representatives, talked about their childhood carefreely and expressed their strong wish of growing up.


Then the group performance lit up the audience. Each performance embodied the creativity and hard work of everybody in Grade 4 and showed our students’ brilliance, vitality, and confidence.


After enjoying the wonderful program, the head of LSP, Ms. Lisa also sent her sincere wishes to the students. The students on and off the stage made wishes, blew candles and cut the cake together. The ceremony was full. Under the background of national style, the children tasted the birthday cake together and made their own “aspiration” wishes.


What ambition shall a ten- year-child establish? All the Grade 4 teachers and students discussed this question. We looked for the answer according to experiencing the traditional Chinese culture together. All of us made lanterns, played with the throwing pot, and arranged movable characters together. In the interaction with the children, the atmosphere of learning was created. We not only inspire the children’s ambitions but are also deeply impressed by their youthful spirit, imagination, and practical ability.
Finally, “A Letter to Mom and Dad”is a special part of today’s ceremony. Each student will send a letter to Mom and Dad today. In this letter, there are children’s gratitude, expectations for adults, and wishes. Through communication and writing with their parents, children will realize their parents’ love and responsibility, as well as the significance of gratitude and return.


Through the 10th birthday party, we hope that children can think about the life proposition of learning and aspiration, have lofty ambitions, be virtuous, and keep their eyes on the stars and feet on the ground. In the future, we will be able to face the waves and sail straight!