For our online teaching, we have included a break of at least ten minutes between lessons. We encourage students to move away from the screen, go to the washroom, get some water or healthy snacks. Additionally, after the lessons are complete for the day, we would encourage you and your child to do activities at home that are screen-free, for example, puzzles, board games, reading, light exercise and stretches.

It has been very encouraging to see students ready for their lessons, with appropriate stationary, a notebook and any other materials they would need. Thank you for all of your hard work and support during this period.



ISS teachers are doing everything that they can to ensure that students remain healthy, motivated and still connecting with teachers through their online lessons. This is an opportunity for them to ask questions and also prevent them from becoming isolated. There have been some excellent examples of online learning being used by teachers and both students and staff have adjusted to this quickly.

We have also asked our teachers to provide students with device free homework where possible and to reduce the frequency of this. However, we have also asked teachers to upload optional homework, for those students who would like to do more at home.