On Friday 29th October, under the beautiful sunshine, our SUIS Pudong campus held our 2nd whole school book character parade. Students from all 4 streams gathered together and were welcomed by Co Principal Ms Sahi and Assistant Principal Ms Cai who were dressed up as Wally from ‘Where’s Wally?’to kick start the parade.

Every class had an opportunity to show their costumes to the rest of the school. The costumes were colourful and varied. Students cheered for each other and celebrated the winners who were chosen. Thank you to everyone for taking part and making the event a great success.


Let’s listen to our wonderful students!


Amy 陶籽歆 G5 Penguin
I dressed up as Sully, a top scarer in the book, Monster Inc. In the story, when this monster met Boo, a human child, Sully changed Monster Inc. The reason why I chose this particular character is first, because that Sully is so furry and cute, and his skin colour is blue with purple dots, which are my two favorite colors. But mostly, I chose this character because he realized that instead of scaring, monsters should make human laugh. I really like the idea of that.

我把自己打扮成了《Monster Inc》里的Sully。在故事中,当这个怪物遇到人类小孩Boo的时候,Sully改变了怪物公司。我之所以选择这个特别的角色,首先是因为Sully全身毛茸茸的看上去很可爱,他蓝色的皮肤上有着紫色的斑点,这是我最喜欢的两种颜色。但最重要的是,我选择这个角色是因为他意识到,怪物不应该让人害怕,而应该让人发笑。我真的很喜欢这个主意。






Yasin G2 Bear
This character’s name is Alberto. He is a sea monster from Disney movie, Luca. The book’s name is also Luca and Luca is Alberto’s friend.

The reason why I chose him? Because this is a brave monster! By the way, Alberto’s favorite thing was a Vespa motorcycle.








Michelle Liu, G7C
On last Friday, 29th of October, our whole school did the Book Character Dress-up Event, and we were extremely interested in the costumes others wore, especially fellow pupils who wore Hogwarts clothes, since we were trying to count the popularity of the different houses. (We lost count on Gryffindor, but got 9 for Slytherin, 3 for Ravenclaw and 2 for Hufflepuff!). I never thought that I would be the one to be awarded the best costume in our class, since my friend and fellow classmate dressed up as a striking resemblance to Cruella. I dressed up as a character from my favorite Japanese comic/animation: One Piece (海賊王). I chose this costume because I pity the character, Nico Robin, for she never got to know her parents and watched her home island burn into ashes, with herself being the only survivor. She is my favorite character because she was curious about history, excellent in languages, resilient when facing problems, makes efficient collaboration and successful community spirits while respecting her own and others personal space, all the time being independent.




李沂宸 6A



I dressed up as Sailor Moon in a verypopular Japanese cartoon show, which is an old memory of our parents. Thereason why I chose this character is because she shows us lots of good qualitiessuch as resilience, not giving up, being positive. This is actually something thatthe author wants us to learn, as the young generation.





严恩琦 1B

I dressed up as Harry Potter. He strives tofight against Voldemort, the villain in the book. My mom gave me this book andI really love it.









张慕乐 3C

I dressed up as the masterpiece portrait Ladywith an Ermine and I used recycled materials to make the costume. Reallyenjoy it and hope you will also like it!










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