This is the fourth year since Earth Day has been celebrated as a school wide event. Celebrating Earth Day has provided students with an opportunity to inquire into global environment issues. Each grade level has a Theme Unit on environmental issues which fits perfectly with this event.

This year students had an amazing learning experience with hands on activities that captivated their creativity on the concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. It was pleasing to observe students being mindful of not wasting food during lunch. Furthermore, students tried their best to reduce noise pollution while having lunch. This led to a great awareness of how small steps like not wasting food can contribute to the current global challenge of landfills.

The classroom activities were vibrant students showcasing their re-designed recycled T-shirts and paper bags.

An outdoor picnic snack was the icing on the cake for this celebration, as students cautiously brought in healthy snack to share in reusable containers. Students had a memorable experience enjoying the picnic snack with their friends.