Welcome to the multi-cultural exploration activities in LSS Pudong.

We can travel around the world to understand the culture of each country without leaving Shanghai; with the cultures of the countries shared, respected and appreciated!

Let’s go with Santa Claus!




National culture exploration and learning 


Each class conducted cross-cultural inquiry learning on specific national themes. Some explored national landmarks and scenic spots, some studied the geographical features of the country, while some researched the country’s literary and artistic works. Grouped for different tasks, students came up with posters, dramas, games and general knowledge competitions. On Christmas Day, the students experienced different cultures and really enjoyed themselves!



This is a chance for you to show your talent. Both the performers and audiences are certainly surprised at the shows, bands, dramas.

——7B 戴殳润 Diamond


The Multicultural Day is coming up soon, and our classroom has already been decorated as Finland. When you walk into the room, you will feel like you are in the joyful land of snow. The things you can’t miss are the diverse, entertaining activities of our class, like “Golden Eggs”,” Tarot” and so on. We wish everyone’s dreams could come true in the new year.

——8B 徐心妍 Chloe


Class and door Decoration   

Our country is Spain. We have two doors, so we have two themes:Flamenco & Bull fighting

Flamenco: We used paper flower petals to make the dress.The hair on her head was sewed onto it with black strings.

Bull fighting: We used clay to make all the body parts of the bull.We tried to make it real enough to make other students feel like that the bull is rushing through the door and the red sashes.

——6A 王悦辰Alyssa


Our class’ door decoration is about Finland. At the top there is the Finnish national flag, in the middle and on the bottom, there is a big Christmas tree with colorful decorations. It’s just like a Christmas tree in Santa Claus’ village! Wonderful! In the open space on the top, we added some pictures of Finnish culture like rye bread, Karelian pasties, the fascinating northern lights and Santa Claus! There is also some snow (white cotton) around the beautiful tree, how fantastic the door is!

——6B 刘垚忻 Yoyo


Our class chose Mexico. All of us participated in the decoration as we set up a shiny Christmas tree and painted a skeleton and some cactus on a black background.

——7B 戴殳润 Diamond


Our class chose America as the theme and drew the most famous cartoon characters on the front door. The back door shows the geography and architecture of the United States. Through collage, the sense of difference between buildings is cleverly reflected. We carefully blended in many interesting details, to also enable the students have a more profound experience of American culture and local customs.

—— 7C 吴易洋 Amanda


Our class shows Japanese culture. We displayed the unique culture of Japan from anime culture, myth, geisha culture and Izakaya culture. Standing at the door of the classroom, you will see the curtain hanging in front of the door, which is common in Japan. When you enter the classroom, you will see a row of wine flags hanging in the middle of the classroom. Looking up, you see several umbrellas spinning slowly above your head. Looking around you can see Japanese posters on the walls and a few ghost masks from Japanese mythology. If you look closely, you’ll notice a row of geisha dolls standing on the windowsill and a couple of sunny dolls hanging elsewhere in the classroom.

——8A张婷妤 Kitty


Finland is a country in northern Europe. It is known as the home of Santa Claus, so on the back door, we put a painting of Santa Claus elks, and bells. There are also decorations about Santa Claus inside the classroom. We used sock light strings to wrap around the rope at the back of the classroom, and a mini-Santa Claus is hung on the light strings. To capture the cold atmosphere in Finland, we put cotton on the lockers and decorated the Christmas tree with fake snow.

——8B 潘越 Monica





This is a chance to discover!There is so much more to discover!

Let’s enjoy the various cultures!