On Friday 6th of November, our Grade 8 students from both streams along with our IG and A level students competed together in their 2020 Sports Day. It was especially lovely to see our A1 students back on our Pudong Campus after spending a first term enjoying the facilities at SUIS Pudong – Sanlin Campus.



We were blessed with beautiful weather for the entire day and were treated to a high level of competition all morning for our Athletics events.


All the students acquitted themselves well and it was a pleasure to give out so many medals for such sporting excellence.




In the afternoon, we had the opportunity to enjoy some team sport as each of the four House Teams competed in Volleyball, Soccer and Basketball. A great level of team spirit and competitiveness was shown as well as enthusiastic support shown from all students and staff.



Overall, it was a very successful day that showed the fantastic sporting ability of SUIS Pudong students and we would like to thank them for their commitment and the staff across the school who made such an amazing event possible.