Here come the ISP young authors!

Over the years, ISP SUIS have created some unique and exciting events. Whether it is the writing competition done by our young authors or the book signing events that have followed, students and teachers cannot wait for this dynamic time.

Currently present in our school library, there is a whole shelf of past student works that have been accumulated. Every year, from G1 to G5, the winners of writing competitions in each grade have a chance to see their work put into a real storybook and then it is available for all of their classmates and friends to see.This is undoubtedly the greatest inspiration for students who love writing.

This year, we have taken a very different approach to our Author Day Event. Each winner recorded a short introductory video to recommend his or her work. Children learned the main content of each book after watching videos, and then chose which books to order.


In total, we sold nearly 500 homemade books this year. At lunchtime book signings, students brought their favorite books to the authors to get them signed.
Author Day is a significant extension of our Book Week Activities over the years. This year, a new writing competition will begin in November. If you want to be a young author, here is your chance to get ready for this year’s event!