With the autumn sun rising and the gentle breeze blowing, our Pudong campus welcomed everyone to the first flag raising ceremony this semester. This was an exciting moment; we finally got the chance to get together after the long pandemic. Standing on the playground, facing the bright national flag, we felt the sacred time which belonged to our Xiehe Students.

Principals Mr Jin and Ms Sahi delivered the flag raising ceremony speech,encouraging students to learn from the pandemic, to think about what is it that we can do and need to practice in order to become as resilient as we can. They reminded us to stay calm, be informed, to take care of ourselves, stay healthy and think positively. They offered new insights and hope for our students. They also praised the students’ achievements. They encouraged students to make persistent efforts, to strive for better performance in their study and life.

In addition to the traditional procedure of this ceremony, which includes flag raising, singing the Chinese national anthem, reading the school motto and delivering the speech under the national flag, this time we also added the awarding of certificates in order to express our gratitude to nine parents who provided support and assistance to the school during the pandemic.

Todays ’flag raising ceremony was a great start to this new semester. We hope our school can take this wonderful opportunity to work toward new successes. With the support and care of the school leaders and teachers, we trust that students and our school will reach new heights this academic year.