As the bright sun shines outside, the school has been renewed with student enthusiasm after a short but wonderful summer break.

【New Staff Orientation】
On the 19th of August, Pudong held its staff orientation to welcome all of our new teachers. The three-day induction involved various programmes: Getting to know each other through meet and greets, IT and HR information and orientations, history and background of Xiehe Education Group, and an introduction to the Xiehe East Meets West curriculum. Based on the needs of a pandemic prevention and control, parts of the orientation day were delivered online.



【Preparation for Teaching】
This week has been exciting for all of the primary staff. After the holiday, everyone is finally back on the campus with positivity and enthusiasm, looking forward to meeting our students. Teachers had group discussions and time to plan work. Meanwhile, classrooms and corridors have been decorated to create a fun, interesting and positive environment for students.

Last week, our teachers received the ‘positive discipline’ lecture delivered by Oscar Li, the psychology counselor who graduated from East Normal University at the Pudong Academy. Teachers took part in various activities to model positive discipline methods. They role-played as students and parents to fully immerse themselves in the experience. To cap off the morning, teachers made an encouragement tree together, which was really inspiring.

【New students Orientation】
In order to help the new students quickly adapt to the new school culture and atmosphere, we held a one-day summer camp for both the new G1 and G6 students.

With their brand new school uniforms and SUIS schoolbags, the G1 students couldn’t conceal the curiosity and excitement in their eyes as they entered the campus. Led by their homeroom teachers, they were able to find their own classrooms and get to know their classmates and teachers through different games and activities. They also had the opportunity to walk around the school and get familiar with the daily class schedule.

Many of our G6 students were returnees from G5, so they were full of smiles as they entered the campus, ready to start a new chapter in secondary school. In the auditorium and with the national anthem playing, students received the big red scarves which marked the beginning of a new school journey. Their faces were serious, taking on their new identity with a new maturity. They acclimated to the new schedule easily.


In the afternoon, the students’ followed their homeroom teachers to their classrooms. They got to know the new teachers and each other even better through ice-breakers. Finally, each class formally organized their own class representatives for the year.

【Pandemic normalization management】
According to the government policies, our school has long been implementing various procedures. Whether it is data reporting during the summer vacation or a strict back-to-school policy for teachers and students, safety has remained the chief concern. At the same time, required safety supplies have been prepared and the campus has undergone rigorous cleaning and disinfection.Parents’ understanding and support have been indispensable during this epidemic preparation process. In this new semester, we hope that parents continue to work hard with us to create a healthy and positive campus life for our students!

We are ready and look forward to our return to school. A warm welcome to all our students back to both our Pudong campus and our Pudong Academy.