On the morning of September 1st, the students arrived back at school, full of excitement and ready to commence the new semester.

Due to the COVID- 19 situation, our opening ceremony was delivered in a pre-recorded video. During the last week, the shooting and editing of the opening ceremony for the first day of the academic year was prepared and ready to share with the students.


First, with the students watching the members of the flag raising team carried out the flag raising ceremony with joy and precision.Under this backdrop, Principals Mr. Benjamin and Ms. Sahi welcomed us back to a new school year. They introduced the new rules and safety regulations that will enable us all to learn and fly freely within this “new normal.”

Students from Grade 1 and Grade 6 shared with us their thoughts and best wishes. We challenge all the students of SUIS PD to continue putting forth their best efforts to grow in this upcoming school year!

Lastly, let us harmonize and sing the song of our school. Let the lyrics be the strength under our wings that will lift us into a sky full of dreams.